There is nothing more traumatic and emotional than the day that your child is not developing normally. These fears are multiplied when the diagnosis of autism is applied to your child.


In 1996 my wife Pamela and I were told that our three year old son had autism. We were overwhelmed by emotions. Our fears and confusion left us paralyzed for a time, confused with the diagnosis.  We had nowhere to turn and no information available. We didn’t know anything about autism and thought that our son would spend the rest of his life in the corner of a room. Through extensive research, we now know that the corner of a room is NOT an option for our son or others like him.


We decided that no parent or family should endure what we endured, regardless of race, economic status or location. And, most importantly: no parent or family should endure what we endured alone. New York Families for Autistic Children was started by Pamela, myself and a small group of very dedicated parents. We came together to give families the help and support that they need to deal with this lifelong developmental disability.


Day after day, we receive phone calls from parents who are troubled because they cannot access services for their child.


Day after day we receive phone calls from grandmothers and grandfathers asking for help for their grandchildren.


To all these people we say:


NYFAC CAN and WILL help.


Andrew Baumann
President and CEO
New York Families for Autistic Children

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