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Aktion Club at NYFAC

The Aktion Club leaves their imprint


To symbolize their commitment to positively impacting their environment, community and neighbors, each member of the Aktion Club left their mark on canvas in an artwork named

“Putting Our Imprint On The Community.”










AKTION CLUB AT HOWARD BEACH LUNCHEON NYFAC & Kiwanis answer call to ‘Aktion’


This fall NYFAC has something new to celebrate.

We’ve teamed up with the Howard Beach Kiwanis Club to launch the Aktion Club of Howard Beach at NYFAC, “the only service club for adults with disabilities, with more than 12,000 members worldwide.”


Its mission, according to the website, is “to provide adults living with disabilities an opportunity to develop initiative, leadership skills and to serve their communities.”


The idea for the partnership came from NY Kiwanis Governor-elect Stephen Sirgiovanni, who approached then-Howard Beach Kiwanis president John Spagnuolo. Both agreed NYFAC was perfect.


“I thought the Aktion Club was a great idea and a great fit for NYFAC,” said Spagnuolo, who explained that in the last year the Kiwanis has raised nearly $20,000 to help support various organizations.


Sirgiovanni, whose father was a charter member of the Howard Beach Kiwanis Club, echoed the sentiment.

“NYFAC is an organization that affords us the opportunity to establish the Aktion Club because of who it serves,” he said. “And since both organizations are from the Howard Beach community it’s a perfect fit.”


With about 10 charter members from NYFAC, the Aktion Club allows adults living with disabilities to create, recruit and participate in community service projects, gain leadership skills and become more involved in the communities in which they live.


For NYFAC, that means everything from visiting seniors and veterans, to food drives – and so much more.

“This is a perfect opportunity to teach our individuals the value of giving back,” said Andrew Baumann, President & CEO of NYFAC. “There’s nothing more important than giving of yourself.”


 To make the Club official, there was a Charter ceremony on Wednesday, November 25, at which time the members were given a gavel, a gong and their banner.


“I think this will be mutually rewarding, both for the Howard Beach Kiwanis as the parent club and for the individuals at NYFAC,” said Spagnuolo. “It will give them the chance to improve their leadership skills and to work in partnership with others.”


“We’re very proud to be working with such a great organization as the Kiwanis,” said Baumann. “To know that NYFAC has their support is amazing, and will allow us to continue in our mission of

‘Helping parents . . . Help their children . . . One family at a time.’” 

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