At Home Respite

At Home Respite


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Respite Care Offers:


In-the-home services:

4-hour session, one day a week to allow families time for errands and other planned activities.



Respite is a direct service that provides relief to individuals who are responsible for the primary core and support of on individual with a developmental disability.


When a family member or core provider has to deal with certain situations, respite services can ensure that the individual’s needs are met.


Respite services strive to ensure the well-being of all of our individuals. In addition, it recognizes the needs of the care givers and hopes to alleviate some of the day-to-day stress.


At NYFAC you will never hear “wait” because you need help “NOW”


Your Calls will be returned within 48 hours by a specialist. We promise to help you help your child. Nothing is more important to us than “action” and if we don’t provide a specific service to assist you; we’ll find you the help you need.


We bring together the best of care for all individuals, working together by providing support, employing quality staff members who have dedicated their time and service to help our children LEARN, DEVELOP and GROW.


NYFAC will be forming parent support groups and workshops, as well as parent trainings. We will also host monthly orientation meetings where we will assist you on finding the best services that fit your child’s needs, and help get you started in our intake process.

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