Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation


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community1A Community Habilitation Specialist (CHS) goes into the home to work with the individual in a one -on- one setting. Community Habilitation focuses on goals that are listed in the individual’s community habilitaton plan, which is created by the individual’s advocate, doctor’s evaluation and staff from the Home Services Department.


These goals are focused on Activities of Daily living Skills (ADLs), which may include: self-care, grooming, mealtime skills, community intergration, attention span issues, socialization, communication, and exercises in abstract thought reasoning. This service runs on a set schedule, and the allocation of hours per week is dependent on the individual’s abilities and areas of weakness.


community2Services offered:


  • Help make a bed.
  • Show them how to prepare a meal.
  • Show them how to tie their shoes.
  • Help them brush their teeth.
  • Show them how to take a shower.
  • Help them pick out the right clothes for the weather.


NYFAC will be forming parent support groups and workshops as well as parent trainings.

We will also host monthly orientation meetings where we will assist you in finding the best services that fit your child’s needs, and help get you started in out intake process.



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