Family Reimbursement

Family Reimbursement


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NYFAC May Cover:


  • Clothing
  • Recreation Programs
  • Respite
  • Environmental modification/repairs that ensure the safety & security of the individual
  • Evaluations (Psychological & Psychosocial)
  • Adaptive equipment that clearly shows developmental benefit to the individual.
  • Camp (can be submitted after Sept 1st, with a paid in full receipt and evidence of attendance)


NYFAC Will Not Cover:


  • Computers/Computer Software
  • Electronic Devices
  • Music Players (iPods, Headphones)
  • Overnight Respite
  • Supplements/Vitamins
  • Therapy
  • Music Lessons/Therapy


Reimbursements Paid Quarterly


All receipts must be dated within our fiscal year which is july 1st to June 30th


1st Quarter:

July, August & September, all applications are reviewed mid October, with checks mailed immediately after.


2nd Quarter:

October, November & December, all applications are reviewed mid January, with checks mailed immediately after.


3rd Quarter:

January, February & March, all applications are reviewed mid April, with checks mailed immediately after.


4th Quarter:

April, May & June, all applications are reviewed mid July, with checks mailed immediately after.


Please Note: Awards are made once annually for a total amount of $500.

It is highly recommended that applications be submitted


What is Family Reimbursement


This program can reimburse families for monies spent caring for their loved ones who have been diagnosed with autism/MR or other developmental disabilities.


Applications will be reviewed based on need by the NYFAC Reimbursement Committee.



All Applicants must meet the OPWDD eligibility requirements.

Each individual and their family MAY be awarded up to $500.00 annually. According to the DDRO, reimbursements are limited to one child per family at any one agency. Please note that reimbursements are not to exceed actual expenses incurred.


Applying Does Not Guarantee Reimbursement!


Please call for an application (347) 566-3122.


Imagine the feelings when you realize your child is not developing Typically. Imagine the frustration and confusion when you find out that the help and services you most desperately need for your child will not be available for one, two, and in some cases, five years.


No parent should have to go through this, No child should be denied access to immediate services and programs. This was the beginning of NYFAC.


Five families got together and vowed to support, to educate, and to assist each other to get through the tough times, the paperwork, and seemingly endless journey on the road to accessing help for their child. On July 2nd, 1998 these five families decided to open the doors to others to provide them with the information they had learned. Within one year NYFAC grew to over 100 families. Currently NYFAC serves any family within New York that has a child with a developmental disability. Our doors are open to any member, friend, professional, or student who wants to learn, to develop, and to grow. Since its inception, NYFAC has developed and instituted a wide variety of programs and services. NYFAC is recognized as a leader worldwide in the development of training materials for professionals working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (AS D).

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