Educational Products

Educational Products



Special Introductory Price $79.99

+ Shipping & Handling $10 Each Manual (Usa Only)


  • Shipping Higher Outside The U.S.
  • This Is A Core Training Manual. Included Are The Following :
    • Book
    • Companion Dvd
    • Access Code To Take On-Line Test



Discrete Trial Teaching DVD $59.99

Plus $10.00 Shipping and Handling (USA only)


This first educational video provided by NYFAC is geared towards PARENTS and PROFESSIONALS as well. It offers lectures, examples and recaps of different discrete trial teaching programs and methods. Covered in this video are: Reinforcers, Gross motor Imitation, Receptive and Expressive language, Teaching a New Skill, Data, Prompting, Modeling, Errorless Learning, No-No Prompting, Shaping, Generalization and more. (Running time is approx. 62 minutes)



Improving Play Skills DVD $59.99

Plus $10 Shipping and Handling (USA only)


This is the video everyone has been asking us to make. Whether you’re a parent or a professional this video has something for you. This video is packed with information on the following: The six different stages of play, Basic Target skills, Intermediate Skills, Advanced Target Skills, Task Assessment, Scripts, Schedules, Video Modeling, Language Master, and more. Through lectures, samples and re-caps we have made this easy to understand and to use for parent education, staff development, and classroom lecture. (Running time is approx. 49 minutes)


  • $10 shipping inside the U.S. only. Rate Varies outside the U.S.
    call for details.. 718-641-3441
  • Videos Are Not Refundable
  • Exchanges Will Be Made If:
    • Factory Damaged
    • All claims must be made within 14
    • days of receipt.
    • Forms for Discrete Trial video: Data sheets



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