The NTI center offers a comprehensive list of workshops and courses.  We can work with you to design curriculums for professional development, meeting the unique training needs of your staff.  NTI instructors are certified professionals able to interact, teach, and support their students in a positive and productive way.


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Any of the following presentations can be conducted at your place or ours:


Basics Of Applied Behavior Analysis


This intense workshop will cover all the basics of Behavior Analysis as well as some common teaching methods used within an ABA program. Topic areas will include Reinforcement, Punishment, Prompting, Data collection and analysis, Maintenance, Discrete Trial Teaching and Incidental teaching procedures.


Increasing Verbal Behavior


Participants will learn how to implement a Verbal Behavior intervention based on B.F. Skinners theories. This intense workshop will also cover the three major communication systems (verbal, Picture exchange and Sign language) which are used to teach children with autism to communicate. Participants will review the Pros and Cons of each of the three major communication systems which are used with the Autistic population. Participants will also be able to observe each of these communication systems being used via video samples as well as interactive activities.


Conducting An ABLLS


Overview of the Assessment of Basic Language Learner Skills (ABLLS). Implementation, and translation of data into I.E.P goals.


Addressing Problematic Behaviors 


This course will cover the issues we face when addressing problematic behaviors using a behavior analytic approach. Discussion will include popular behavior assessment tools, and procedures used to eliminate unwanted behaviors.


Increasing Social Behavior 


This intense workshop will cover all the basics of teaching social and play skills utilizing a behavior analysis approach. Topic areas will include: What are social skills, selection of play skills/social skills to teach, incidental teaching procedures, utilization of reinforcement, prompting and prompt fading, as well as data collection methods.


Respite Worker Training 


This intense workshop will provide the much needed knowledge respite workers require in order to work with a disabled child. Topic areas will include an overview of developmental disabilities, addressing inappropriate behavior(s), basic principals of reinforcement and punishment procedures. Discussion will also include an overview of popular communication systems (i.e., PECS, ASL, etc.)


Addressing Feeding Issues


This discussion lead by a Speech and Language Pathologist will address many eating disorders commonly seen in the developmentally disabled population. Strategies and techniques will be discussed and role played throughout the session.


You’re Not Alone (Parents) Basics Of Autism


Overview of Autism and popular interventions. Discussion will also cover topics such as entitlements, qualifications and role of service providers.


You’re Not Alone (Grandparents) Basics Of Autism 


Overview of Autism and popular interventions. Discussion will include how grandparents and extended family members can be an important part of “the team” and how they can contribute. Topics will also include entitlements, qualifications and role of service providers.


Establishing A Teacch Friendly Classroom


This intense workshop will cover the following topics; Development of structured TEACCHing methods, Physical structuring the learning environment, Individualized Daily Schedule, Work/Activity Systems, Making tasks and activities for children, social and leisure programming, communication issues, Behavior Management Ideas


Addressing Social Outings 


Many families have difficulties when going out to social events (i.e., movies, amusement parks, etc.) as well as traveling. Through discussion and Q & A, easy to use strategies will be learned which families can use to safely address any issues which may arise in social situations with their disabled child.


Financial Planning For Children With Disabilities 


This workshop is all about planning for your disabled child’s financial future. This special gathering will focus on creation of a trust and development of a will.


A Musical Approach 


Explore the benefits of music with us as we discuss music therapy. Participants will learn strategies they may incorporate into their child’s educational programs.


Intro To Pecs 


Explore the basic procedures to setup and use the PECS communication system.


NTI also organizes workshops on a variety of topics held at the NTI center in Ozone Park, Queens on a monthly basis. We encourage you to visit our website to gain further information


If you would like NTI to present a workshop at your next conference and/or agency email

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