About Us

About Us

Imagine how you would feel if you realized that your child is not developing normally. Imagine how frustrating and confusing it is to discover that the help and services you most desperately need for your child is not available. And, when the services are available there is a one, two, and in some cases, five year waiting list. No parent should have to go through this! No child should be denied access to the services that they need immediately. This was the beginning of New York Families for Autistic Children, or NYFAC.


Five families got together and vowed to support, educate, and assist each other get through the tough times, paperwork, and seemingly endless journey on the road to accessing help for their child.


On July 2nd, 1998 these five families decided to open the doors to others and provide them with the information they had learned. Within one year NYFAC grew to over 100 families. Currently NYFAC serves any family, within the state of New York, that has a child with a developmental disability. Our doors are open to any family member or friend who needs these services. Our doors are also open to professionals, or students who wants to learn how to deal with children who have special needs.


Since its inception, NYFAC has developed and instituted a wide variety of programs and services. NYFAC is recognized as a worldwide leader in the development of training materials for professionals working with children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.


NYFAC’s motto and mission is simple: Helping Parents …Help their Children …One family at a time.



Our Vision

By bringing together the best of all possible treatments, NYFAC and it’s participating families can facilitate improvements in current educational offerings. Ensuring appropriate service and quality care for all individuals in need, through the use of science based research validated treatment options will benefit all children in need. By providing support, NYFAC and it’s families can help each other through any crisis by sharing strength and committing to one another. By making available all documentation to partiipating families, NYFAC is helping to create a more informed public.  And ensuring that all available service providers and options are examined. We are parents. We have dedicated our time and service to help our children learn, develop and grow.


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